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Scars of Magic

Long ago there existed a prosperous Empire known as Kaldera. It was ruled by a family of Mage-Kings who would decree magic be taught to all, even the common folk. Wizards and sorcerers would become a common sight, and many would make a living with the use of magic. The King Reynald II took the continent of Jhonaire to war, and unified the continent with his powerful war machines. The use of magic would become common place throughout the continent.

After an Age of Magic and wonder, Kaldera fell on hard times. The continent faced an increase in drought, famine, and natural disasters. A disease known as Mageblight would claim the life of many prominent users of arcana, and those around them.

Many believed the use of magic was causing this chaos, and saw the Mage-King as uninterested for the plight of the common folk. The ruling King Reynald XI would be assassinated by his own court, causing the continent to collapse into chaos and civil war.

The world was irrevocably changed. The use of magic in public is outlawed, and the academy of magic teaches in secret.

Dark forces dwell in the shadows of Kaldera, using the vestige of the powerful magics that still soak in the soil. Powerful artifacts lost to the ages dwell hidden in the ghost towns of the former empire.

The story begins place 100 years after the fall of Kaldera. The heroes find themselves in Krone, the last city of magic. The the Feast of the First Light is almost upon us! Our heroes join the festivities but when the hands on the clock tower strikes midnight, something from the darkness arrives…

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